Cloud Backups

What is a cloud backup

A cloud backup is a copy of your important data which is copied from your servers to our servers in a remote data center. This ensures that you always have an accessible copy of your data, no matter what may happen to your physical onsite storage and servers.

Who needs cloud backups

To put it simply, anyone who has important digital information which they cannot afford to lose should consider making backups of their data to an offsite storage location.
With your data backed up to our data center, aka The Cloud, you avert the risks of data loss associated with theft, natural distastes, and viruses such as ransomware. No matter what happens to your physical storage, you will always have access to a recent copy of your data.

How do our Cloud Backups work

The Backup: Our backup software starts off by scanning your targeted backup locations for new and modified files. Once all files have been identified they are compressed, encrypted and broken down into small blocks. These small blocks are then compared to one another. If two blocks are found to be identical, the backup software makes a note of this and then only backups one of the blocks. This is call block level deduplication and it is used to reduce the amount of data which needs to be transferred to the cloud thus saving your bandwidth and reducing the amount of time required for the backup to complete. Data reductions can be as high as 45%.

Managed: First, you tell us what storage locations to backup. We then deploy our state of the art backup software and configure the backup job. We can set the backup to store a copy to the cloud as well as on onsite location such as an external hard drive. When then initiate the backup job and monitor it to ensure that it completes without errors. We then continue to monitor your backups on an ongoing basis to ensure that they continue to run smoothly and should anything go wrong, we’ll resolve it.

Self Managed: Like our managed option, we’ll assist with installing the backup software and configuring the initial backup jobs for you. From this point on it will be up to you to ensure that the backups run successfully. Should you have problems with the backup you will have to resolve these yourself or you can reach out to us for support but this will be billed. Likewise, should you want to make changes to your backup jobs, it will be up to you to make those changes or you can request billed support from us.

What does it cost to impliment Cloud Backups:

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