Free TeamViewer Alternatives

Attended Access:

Not many people know this, but Microsoft includes a free TeamViewer alternative which is built into Windows 10.

Windows Quick Assist:

Free TeamViewer Alternative

Quick Assist is a new app available in Windows 10 which allows you to remotely control someone else’s PC or have someone else remotely control your PC.

Open Quick Assist:

To use quick assist, open your Start Menu and type in “quick” – Quick Assist should be on the top of the list.
Alternatively, open your Start Menu and navigate to Windows Accessories > Quick Assist.

Give remote support:

Once you have Quick Assist open, click on Assist Another Person:

Sign in with your Microsoft account, or if you don’t have one, create one.

Tip: You can create a Microsoft account using your existing email address even if its not a Microsoft email address.

When you have signed in you’ll receive a randomly generated, 6 digit security code. You need to give this code to the person you are trying to assist.

Once the person you are trying to assist has entered the code you can choose whether to View Screen or Take Full Control.

Get Remote Assitance:

Once you have your Quick Assist open, wiat for your partner to provide you with the security code which they generated using the steps outlined above.

When you receive the security code, type it into the code entry field and then click on Share Screen

Wait for your partner to initiate the connection, then click Allow on the window that displays.


Unattended Access:

If you need to remotely access and control a computer without any intervention on the receiving computer you will need to use software that supports unattended access.

Personal Use:

The majority of remote access application are free to use for personal use, this includes the likes of TeamViewer and AnyDesk.

Business Use:

Free for business use remote software which supports unattended access is not easy to come by, or is overly complicated to setup. Luckily there is one relatively unknow service which is not only free to use, but also easy to setup. The service we are referring to is nonother than:


To get started with DWService we suggest you take a look at the FAQ on their website, although everything is quite simple and self explanatory.

DWService is an opensource project, you can find the source code up on GitHub